Ok so I got back to my hotel from a day out at the TdF, quickly had a shower, made myself pretty etc, then headed out to grab dinner at McDonalds, the food of champions.

I stood in line and a girl took my order in the line with those wireless thingos and gave me a receipt for it. I took the receipt to the counter and another girl started to get my order together. This is when this american (like most americans he was a fatty) came straight up to the girl (like most french girls she was a cutey) and said ‘LONGER?’, holding his straw next to his fat bastard large coke.

The girl just stared at him with a look of ‘are you serious, its a straw?’, but just said ‘no no just one size’. He then looked back at the girl with a face of ‘im close to going all colombine on this place’. HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE A LONGER STRAW, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!@!#@

Now I looked at the straw, and his large coke, and it was long enough. He was just an idiot.

So yeah, thats my story. Pretty pointless but I just hate arrogant american tourists so much. I felt like telling him to next time buy a medium and eliminate such straw length issues. Be like killing two birds with one stone, and the other bird is diabetes.