One of the chase groups including Contador in yellow and Schleck in white. I can see this on my wall already.

Todays stage in the TdF was by far the hardest for the riders, it included four massive climbs and it even started with an 18km climb. My original plan was to go to the final climb of the day, the Col d’Aubisque, a climb which I went to in 2007. I got to the base of the climb quite early but the road up it was already closed. I was either looking at an 18km walk to the very top of the climb, or turn around and find a spot a bit further back on the little sister climb the Col du Soulor. I think you can guess which one I did.

So I ended up in a tiny little village called Aucun. Amazingly its actually on Google’s street view, check it out here, this is exactly where I parked. Nice view huh? I’ve actually really enjoyed the past two days of the Tour, parking a bit away from the main spots and being able to walk around and sit/sleep in the car (yes mum, less sunburn!). In some ways the atmosphere in these little villages is far better, people are much more relaxed and just enjoying the day out. Today I even did as the French do, bought a baguette from the local store, some salami and cheese and had myself one wicked tasting roll.

Spent most of the day just chillin in my car, listening to the ipod and nodding off to sleep every so often. Actually woke up at one stage in the afternoon and half of the Caravane had come past already. Im at the stage now though that I really don’t care for all the free crap they throw out, I must have about 15 Skoda bucket hats. Eventually it came time for the riders to come through at about 3:30pm. I’ve been looking to try and get a photo that shows the cycling, the fans, and the scenery, everything that is the Tour de France. I found a stone wall a bit down the road that was about three meters high right next to the road. Got up there and snapped away and im pretty happy with the results.

Another huge advantage of being so far away from the finish line is that I left straight away and even got back to my hotel so quickly that I was able to see the end of the stage on TV. Unfortunately it wasn’t Lance’s day though, the old man can’t sprint like he used to. Showed that he still has it though, attacking up the climbs.

Tomorrow is a day off in the TdF and then the day after is the queen stage, a mountain top finish on the Col du Tourmalet. This climb is one of the most famous and has been in the Tour more times than any other. It is going to be absolutely packed. Im expecting Schleck to go insane up the climb and I have a feeling Contador wont be able to follow.