Had another pretty big day today. Woke up early to get down to Times Square quickly. A woman in Los Angeles said that Sunday morning is the only time when Times Square is relatively quiet with not many people. And she was right, it was the complete opposite of the night before, and the majority of shops were closed.

Covered all around Times Square, a couple of Avenues each side. Went to Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. Took a LOT of photos. The clouds were out so my new circ polariser is doing its job nicely and making them really pop out in the photos. I made my way to B&H Photo Video, which would have to be the biggest photography shop in the world. And yeah I bought stuff. Virgin Credit Cards are loving it.

Once it came to 2pm it was time for The Sopranos tour. Mad tour. Saw so many locations of the show, and also got to see New Jersey at the same time. Highlight was (surprise?) Satin Dolls, also known as Bada Bing on the show. Its basically a ‘gentlemens club’ better known as a strip club :P Was weird looking around and knowing it all from the show. And strange because the dancers aren’t naked or even topless, as New Jersey has a law which states you cant sell alcohol and have nudity. So they pretty much just dance in bikinis. Bought some pretty sweet merchandise too.

Got back at about 6pm, walked around a bit more. Had some dinner and came back to hotel.

I’ve got about 200 photos from today which ill go through when ive got some time. Im hitting up Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock view tomorrow. So they should be good photo ops.